Helen Singh-Miller

Helen Singh-Miller is an artist and certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education. Director of the Storefront for Somatic Practice and Editor of The Feldenkrais Journal, she is curious about the relevance of mind-body practice across artistic and academic disciplines.

This summer, Singh-Miller is teaching a walking series and hybrid movement and drawing classes in the Boston area, and has openings for Feldenkrais one-to-one in Cambridge.

Check out the SfSP calendar and email for more information, availability and to schedule: sfspractice@gmail.com.


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Brandon Sloan

Brandon Sloan (pronouns he, him, his) is a physical therapist, authorized Awareness Through Movement® and Gyrotonic® teacher and certified massage therapist living in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from the MGH Institute of Health Professionals as the Knowles Hilton Scholar, earning a clinical Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy in 2016. Sloan co-leads the People of Color Meditation Group and is a board member of BMEN, a non-profit organization building communities of Black men across intersections. Sloan believes that only when community, self care and intersectionality are mutually engaged can deep healing truly begin. 

Sloan teaches Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement workshops at the Storefront. 


Madelyn Kent

Madelyn Kent, MFA, former professor at New York University/Tisch, specializes in physical approaches to writing. A theater director, Feldenkrais practitioner, and the developer of Sense Writing, which she has taught throughout Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, Kent’s work has been presented at Soho Rep, PS 122, the New York Public Theater, and The Flea. She has taught playwriting and screenwriting at Tisch School of the Arts. 

Kent teaches Sense Writing I at the Storefront for Somatic Practice and looks forward to teaching the whole Sense Writing sequence in Cambridge next year.


Chris Moffett

Chris Moffett's research focuses on the aesthetic forms of educational practice and thought. What are we doing when we do education? What aren't we doing? What is a classroom chair, a book, a door? He has taught graduate courses on the the phenomenology of shoes and the aesthetics of water at Teachers College, Columbia University, and is currently teaching material inquiry in Art Education & Art History at the College of Visual Arts & Design, University of North Texas.

Founder of Poised, Chris Moffett leads workshops on meditation sitting at the Storefront for Somatic Practice.

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Ophelia Navarro

Ophelia Navarro discovered the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education when she was exploring different modalities to help overcome years of chronic illness. She is a mother, dancer, Reiki practitioner, and development expert in the fields of art and education.

Matty Wilkinson

Matty Wilkinson earned an M.A. from the Tufts Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Development and taught in early childhood classrooms for 12 years. As a certified practitioner of the Feldenkrias Method of somatic education and the Anat Baniel Method for Children®, Matty helps children with a wide range of challenges reach their fullest potential in motor, cognitive, social, and language development. 

Wilkinson teaches Your Moving Child: A Caretaker's Guide to Developmental Movement at the Storefront.


Avital Bar Zuri

Avital Bar Zuri is a registered somatic therapist (R-SMT) and certified movement analyst (CMA) with an MA in dance movement therapy. She implements the systems of Laban and Bartenieff in her exploration of developmental movement patterns and experimental dance.

Avital teaches Contact Improvisation & Developmental Patterns at the Storefront.




Tiffany Ramos

Tiffany Ramos is an Illustration major at MassArt. She loves to experiment with different media such as gouache and digital tools. She makes art to make herself and others happy. Tiffany is a 2019 Massachusetts State Internship Awardee.

Andrew Ryder

Andrew Ryder is a rising junior in Communications Design at MassArt. He experiments with hand drawn lettering, typography and photography and likes making posters and books. He’s really into the local music scene and aims to do design work in the music industry. 


Haleigh Roy

Haleigh Roy is an undergraduate Illustration student at MassArt. Her work incorporates a variety of media including ink and spray paint. She has a growing interest in human psychology and the functional synergy of mind and body. Haleigh is a 2019 Massachusetts State Internship Awardee.



Christiana Antico

Christiana Antico is an undergraduate Illustration student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her work incorporates a variety of media and techniques, unique textures and line work. Christiana is a 2018 Massachusetts State Internship Awardee.

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Serena Gabriels

Serena is an artist based in Boston currently majoring in Studio for Interrelated Media at MassArt. Her work combines video and performance art to create immersive multimedia experiences. Serena aims to become an Art Therapist.

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Texas Manning

Texas is a rising junior in the Studio for Interrelated Media at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Sometimes a clown, sometimes too tired to be a clown, Texas strives to make a positive change anywhere they can.




Alyssa Palance

Alyssa Palance is a senior at Lesley University majoring in Holistic Psychology and minoring in Global Studies and Fine Art increasingly interested in somatics and expressive therapies.